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Dioon mejiae Standley et L.O. Williams


KingdomPlantaePlants, but not fungi, lichens, or algae
SubkingdomTracheobiontaVascular plants—plants with a “circulatory system” for delivering water and nutrients
DivisionCycadophytaAll cycads—primitive palm-like plants
OrderCycadalesLiving cycads (most are extinct)
FamilyZamiaceaeCycas that are superficially palm- or fernlike

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These very large cycads are native to Honduras and Nicaragua.

Identification: These cycads are among the largest and most abundant in the world, reaching 33' (10 m) in height. The trunk may be 10' (3 m) wide. Leaves are up to 7' (2.1 m) long.

Online References:

The Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia

The Palm & Cycad Society of Florida’s Plant to Palm site

The Palm & Cycad Society of Florida’s Plant to Palm site



Stephen Sharnoff Photography

Dioon pectinatum

Dioon edule β latipinna


Dioon mejiae description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Dioon mejiae (cycad)

2/26/2010 · San Diego Zoo, San Diego, Cali­fornia
≈ 4 × 5' (1.3 × 1.6 m)

Range: Zones 9b-12:

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