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Echinopsis eyriesii (Turpin) Pfeiff. & Otto

Queen of the forest, ball flower, queen’s navel

ParentsUnknownGenus is not in the current taxonomy

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Cereus eyriesii Pfeiff.

Cereus jasmineus Pfeiff.

Cereus multiplex Pfeiff.

Cereus multiplex var. monstrosus Pfeiff.

Cereus schelhasii Pfeiff.

Cereus turbinatus Pfeiff.

Echinocactus boutillieri Parm. ex Pfeiff.

Echinocactus eyriesii Turpin

Echinocactus eyriesii var. glaucus Lindl.

Echinocactus turbinatus Pfeiff.

Echinonyctanthus eyriesii Lem.

Echinonyctanthus turbinatus Lem.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. cristata Donn.Sm.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. duvallii Schelle

Echinopsis eyriesii var. glauca C.F.Först.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. glaucescens C.F.Först.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. grandiflora Rud.Mey.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. major Schelle

Echinopsis eyriesii var. phyligera Schelle

Echinopsis eyriesii var. pudantii P.Fourn.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. rosea Link ex Schelle

Echinopsis eyriesii var. schelhasii (Pfeiff. & Otto) P.Fourn.

Echinopsis eyriesii var. tettavii Jacobi

Echinopsis eyriesii var. triumphans Jacobi

Echinopsis gemmata (Otto ex Pfeiff.) K.Schum.

Echinopsis gemmata var. schelhasii (Pfeiff. & Otto) Schelle

Echinopsis multiplex (Pfeiff.) Zucc.

Echinopsis oxygona f. grandiflora (Rud.Mey.) J.Ullmann

Echinopsis pudantii Pfersdorf ex Roth

Echinopsis schelhasii Pfeiff. & Otto

Echinopsis turbinata Pfeiff. & Otto

Echinopsis × wilkensii (Linke) K.Schum.


Echinopsis eyriesii description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Echinopsis eyriesii (queen of the forest, ball flower, queen’s navel)

5/6/2014 · American Southwest (AZ or TX) · By Jacquelyn Boyt