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If you would like to help...

...We sure can use it!

If you have photos, especially detailed photos, and would like to post them, please send them in. Each photo is attributed, and displays the copyright terms you request. Send the highest resolution versions you have available—they will be converted to other sizes as needed for display on the site. Your submissions remain your property; you are simply allowing us to display them on this web site.

We need as much of the following information as you can provide:

Photographer If this is not supplied, the copyright holder is assumed to be the photographer.
Copyright status Public domain, Copyrighted, or Unknown. We rarely post images whose copyright status is unknown.
Copyright holder Your name, or the company name. If this is not supplied, the photographer is assumed to be the copyright holder.
Copyright terms All rights reserved, Non-commercial use only, or terms of your own. If you specify "All rights reserved," anyone wishing to use your photo for another purpose must write for permission; we will include an e-mail address you provide with the image info, or forward such requests to you.
Copyright URL If you have a URL that explains your copyright terms in more detail, or a source from which you obtained the images, include it here.
Date Digital cameras record this automatically, so you don't need to provide this if you send us digital photos, but if you are sending a scan, supply the date if possible.
Location The location where the plant was found.
Identification If you know the ID, let us know.
Your e-mail address This does not appear on the web site unless you want it listed for copyright purposes; otherwise we use it to notify you if someone asks to use photos you submitted. We won't disclose this address to any third party for any purpose.

We cannot guarantee that we will use all images submitted. If the identification is uncertain, the photo may not appear until the ID is more certain.

If you would like to become a collaborator, please write to us. We need help writing and reviewing the articles. Each article will be attributed to its original author, regardless of subsequent changes, unless it is completely overhauled in the future. If you are interested in this, we will explain a number of shortcuts you can use to simplify the task a bit. Or you can send us the body of the article and we will reformat it a bit to make it stylistically consistent.

If you are a technical illustrator, and might be interested in licensing some of your work for use on this site, we would love to hear from you. We're interested in developing an illustrated glossary, and in using drawings to help identify plants. Like all images that are submitted to us, they remain your property and are fully attributed to you.

If you are a botanist, and you are willing to spend some time reviewing articles for technical inaccuracies, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you know of additional resources such as databases with plant information, please tell us.

If you are a web site developer, and this site doesn't look right on your browser, and you're pretty sure you know the fix ... thanks, in advance.

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