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Usnea subfloridana Stirt.

Boreal beard lichen, beard lichen

KingdomFungiMushrooms, lichens, gel fungi, yeasts, and molds; also called eukaryotes
DivisionAscomycotaSac fungi
SubdivisionPezizomycotinaSac fungi with filaments
ClassLecanoromycetes“Lichenized” fungi
OrderLecanoralesMostly lichen-forming fungi
FamilyParmeliaceaeIncludes many common lichens such as Xanthoparamelia, Usnea, Parmotrema, and Hypotrachyna
GenusUsneaFrom Arabic Ushnah, “lichen,” which was translated to Latin by Ebubekir Muhammed bin Zekeriya Razi

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Usnea comosa auct.

Usnea similis Mot. ex Rasanen


Usnea subfloridana description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 25 May 2020.

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Usnea subfloridana (boreal beard lichen, beard lichen)

7/30/2023 · Owl’s Head Lighthouse, Owl’s Head, Maine ID is uncertain

Usnea subfloridana (boreal beard lichen, beard lichen)

4/3/2010 · Birch Point Beach State Park, Owl’s Head, Maine
≈ 10 × 7" (26 × 17 cm) ID is uncertain