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Victoria amazonica

Victoria amazonica (Poepp.) J.C. Sowerby


Giant Water Lily

ParentsUnknownGenus is not in the current taxonomy

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Victoria amazonica description by Thomas H. Kent, not updated.

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Victoria amazonica (Giant Water Lily)

Giant water lilies and lotus blossum. Giant water lilies are part of the genus Victoria and plant family Nymphaeaceae. British explorers named this plant after Britain's Queen Victoria, but is native to South America. Notice the protrusions that cover the lily pad and stem of the lotus flower. From the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, Exploring Florida: Social Studies Resources for Students and Teachers · 4/18/2015 · Miami-Dade County, FL · By Roy Winkelman

Victoria amazonica (Giant Water Lily)

4/10/2015 · Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, FL