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Xanthoria ulophyllodes

Xanthoria ulophyllodes Räsänen


Powdery Sunburst Lichen

KingdomFungiMushrooms, lichens, gel fungi, yeasts, and molds; also called eukaryotes
DivisionAscomycotaSac fungi
SubdivisionPezizomycotinaSac fungi with filaments
ClassLecanoromycetes“Lichenized” fungi
OrderLecanoralesMostly lichen-forming fungi
SuborderTeloschistineaeIncludes Caloplaca, Fulgensia, Teloschistes, Xanthoria, others
FamilyTeloschistaceaeIncludes Caloplaca, Teleschistes, Xanthoria
GenusXanthoriaFrom Greek xanthos, “yellow”

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Identification: This foliose (leaflike) lichen is yellow-orange to medium orange in color, white on the bottom. The upper surface often has powdery looking areas. It occurs primarily on oaks and elms, but sometimes appears on rock. It appears in roughly circular patches, growing outward from the center.

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Xanthoria ulophyllodes description by Thomas H. Kent, last updated 12 Oct 2018.

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Xanthoria ulophyllodes (Powdery Sunburst Lichen)

4/3/2010 · Birch Point Beach State Park, Owl's Head, ME
≈ 8 × 5" (19 × 13 cm) ID is uncertain

Xanthoria ulophyllodes (Powdery Sunburst Lichen)

9/6/2018 ID is uncertain

Xanthoria ulophyllodes (Powdery Sunburst Lichen)

9/6/2018 ID is uncertain